Friday, June 17, 2011

A Few Things To Confess(share)

Well this is my first time ever blogging so sorry if it's not very good. I can honestly say I love church. Some people may say they love Jesus Christ even though they don't, but I can. Something really really fun I do at church is called the bridge.At the bridge we play tons of fun games, learn about God and I even make new friends. One of the last times I went to the bridge it was a sleepover! I stayed up almost all night (well almost)!!! We played games .learned about God, watched movies, and even went to Whitey's!!!! I also reunited with a friend from kindergarten. As of now we still text each other and are pretty good friends!!!;-)
            I love to do art. Its so fun!! I get into a lot of art contests. When i grow up I either want to be an artist or a pastry artist.I think I got this from my dad Justin. He does a lot of cake art. Another thing I love to do is spend time with my friends and family. Tatum and Karly came with my family on a walk and we rode bikes. Their brother Brady came with too.

  This is my family and I at Grand Harbor for Kiliegh's birthday!!!

 This was when some friends and I went on a bike ride and my om walked while taking pictures.